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Troubadour Ministry and Threads for Vets is moving into a new season of service.


We will no longer be accepting donations of furniture or clothing of any kind.


We thank everyone for their generosity and service and look forward to God's new direction an plan. He loves you and so do I! 


       -Pastor Ray


one at a time

Meeting the needs of our American Vets.  Join us in our campaign to move them from homeless to wholeness!

In Memorium
Scott Allan Helsel

We Stand Ready!

The pandemic will not stop us! Fear will not stop us!
If God is for us who can stand against us?!

Jesus said GO! Preach the gospel and make disciples unto all nations.


The dynamics of Troubadour Ministry Inc./ Threads for Vets are changing with the times and challenges we are all facing right now. We stand ready if a vet needs a bed. We stand ready if they need a chair, food, clothes, shoes or any other basic human need. The past 7 years we have been ministering to literally hundreds of veterans in need, not to mention single moms and hurting folks on the street.

Now more than ever the call to evangelism is loud and clear! The homeless veteran issue has been addressed and there have been many challenges put to rest. The need for furniture and basic human needs are being met and the demand is decreasing measurably. Praise the Lord!


Because of efforts of a few and the support of many we have the joy in knowing that we (this includes you our supporter) have made a great difference in many lives to the glory of God!


When we go, we go together. We stand ready to answer the call...will you stand with us?
Your continued prayers and support are needed now more than ever.


Donate online: Troubadourministry.org
 or on Facebook or send check /m.o. to P.O. Box 13201, Wilmington, De 19850.
We thank you in His Love

Jesus Said There'd Be Days Like This!

In Matthew 24:1-41 Jesus gives us in great detail the signs of the end of the age. We cannot change the course of devine prophecy and it is entirely possible that we are are reading this will experience the return of Jesus Christ in all His glory and power! In verse 44 He tells us to e ready "for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think He will."

The world is entangled in sin, distraction, destruction, and mayhem. The enemy is hard at work to keep our eyes on the horrific events going on and take our eyes off of Jesus and His Word. The real picture, the big picture is in the scriptures in Matthew. Each of us has a purpose and a calling on our lives and we are promised that those who are serving the Lord when He returns will be blessed! We are saved by faith but remember, "faith without works is dead." Are you ready for His return? He  desires that not one should perish but we must be obedient to Him.

The events and turmoil we are experiencing are bringing levels of anxiety, isolation, and depression which in turn have caused many of us to turn to other mean of coping with our emotions and spirituality. Brothers and sisters we must turn our eyes upon Jesus, lock arms together and lift one another up. "Do not forsake the gathering of the saints (believers on Christ)." We need each other to stand firm in our faith together. In Jesus' name!

-Pastor Ray B. Seemans           


Troubadour Ministry provides a supportive environment to Veterans as they transition from government housing and/or shelters to permanent housing.  Our purpose is to create a supportive environment based on Christian values working through the Holy Spirit by providing a helping hand to Veterans in need.

Veterans Helped to date in 2020:


52 in 2019

77 in 2018

Scott Allan Helsel

Homeless Veterans? Really???


What would you do if you found out that there was a disabled veteran sleeping on the floor with no pillows or blankets?

What would you do if you found out that disabled veteran had no food to eat or nothing to eat off of?

What would you do if you found out that the disabled veteran couldn't pay his electric bill because he didn't receive his government benefits?

Troubadour ministries help disabled veterans face these challenges every day. Since 2013 we have served over 200 veterans, but we can only do it with generous financial support. Please consider helping our disabled veterans any way you can.


If you would like to make a financial donation please send a  check or money order to:

Troubadour Ministry Inc.

PO box 13201 Wilmington DE 19850


You can also make donations online through our Troubadour Ministry Giving Center

our purpose

help us love our vets. GIVE TODAY.

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